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    Best Types of Display for Jewelry Sets

    When youre displaying a whole set of jewelry, its important to keep the set together in order to sell it. Displaying one piece apart from another will result in the possibility of selling only one part of the set. Why sell only one part of the set when you can sell the whole set, right? The only way to do that is to make your jewelry display for sets attractive and engaging for customers. For special sets of jewelry, you can choose from the different types of display stands. Platform style stand Similar to a riser, the platform style is composed of various stands, shown at different levels. Height is important to give way to exposure and emphasis on your jewelry. If you want to showcase a set of jewelry well, you need to display it based on the piece that you want to emphasize. For ex
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    Rhinestone Jewelry Sets for That Striking Impression

    A rhinestone, paste or diamante is a diamond simulant made from rock crystal, glass or acrylic. Originally, rhinestones were rock crystals gathered from the river Rhine, hence the name, although some were also found in areas like the Alps. The availability was greatly increased in the 18th century when the Alsatian jeweller Georg Friedrich Strass had the idea to imitate diamonds by coating the lower side of glass with metal powder. Hence, rhinestones are called strass in many European languages. Rhinestones can be used as imitations of diamonds, and some manufacturers even manage to reproduce the glistening effect real diamonds have in the sun. Source from en.wikipedia.org If there is one timeless piece of jewelry that every woman craves to possess, it’s diamond jewelry! Regardles
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    The golden jewelry sets are popular in the Middle East and some Asia countries. Some Middle Eastern style jewelry sets fully express runway fashion, chunky and luxurious. However, the golden jewelry sets is very expensive that it is not a good choice for wholesale so the gold plated jewelry sets can be an alternate. The reason that many people like gold plated jewelry sets is not only because its price but also its durable quality. Luckily, these days even the most clueless shopper can still manage to look good if she follows simple rules and takes a couple shortcuts. One of these shortcuts includes taking the guesswork out of matching your jewelry. Often times, women fret over whether or not all of their accessories go together in a cohesive fashion. They switch between earrings and co


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